Hi! I'm Lapjaz.

I'm a fulltime sustainable traveler and creator of FREE amateur ecoporn. Welcome to my ecological1) website!

My public porn is all in the category «solo twink daddy hiking naked and masturbating in nature, usually with a dildo up his ass».

I love doing solo, but I also want to collaborate with other amateurs. My usual lovers often like to shoot, but not to publish, so please get in touch if you do!

1) All my digital content is hand coded from scratch, entirely in nature, with only a sun powered smartphone.

My porn is hosted exclusively on:

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Pornhub stats

I've been shooting porn in private for most of my 46 years, like we all do, but only started publishing 2.9 years ago. My 101 videos from 8 different countries1) have so far been watched over 207 K times on Pornhub.

A couple of peaks in 2019 were caused by two of my clips getting featured. Now let's hope that happens to the rest of my clips too!

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Numbers updated 2 Aug 2020
1) Gre, Ita, Ger, Swe, Nor, Cze, Spa, Fra
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