Ecosexual FAQ

Here I try to answer the most common questions about me and what I do.

If there's anything else you'd like to know, please ask me on Pornhub or Twitter.

Can I post your ecoporn in my social or commercial media?

As long as you leave my watermark in place and link back to one of my channels you can re-post anything except my full length videos.

Updated 16 Jan 2019

Will you sign another type of release agreement?

Not unless we're porn partners or you pay me lots of money.

Updated 2 Feb 2018

What's ecoporn anyway?

There are several competing definitions of this word, but for me it is short for ecological pornography. That's pornography which not only benefits our sexual excitement, but also the natural environment of all living organisms. Awesome!

To achieve this awesomeness we have to pay close attention to the resources we spend while producing and distributing our porn. Secondly to the effects our porn has on its audience. Thirdly to the effects it has on ourselves, the creators. Does it enable us all to help save the planet?

There are literally thousands of considerations to make.

Updated 1 Feb 2018

And what does ecosexual mean?

For some it simply means an environmentally conscious person whose adherence to green living extends to their sexual life, for example their choice of partners. To others, including me, it means that we get sexually aroused from nature alone, for example from playing in water, hugging a tree, or feeling the sun caressing our naked body. Some even go as far as to calling nature their only romantic and sexual partner!

Updated 1 Feb 2018

Why are you doing this?

My reason for making ecoporn is purely non-profit. Apart from loving what I do, which is both ecosexual and exhibitionist, I wish to promote body freedom and ecological awareness. I also want to contribute directly to nature, which this lifestyle gives me ample opportunity to do.

Updated 1 Feb 2018

Are you making money from it?

I'm making a little money from my porn, but less than I'm spending. There are many ethical considerations to make. I will continue to do it regardless of profits. If there's ever a profit, it will all go back to nature anyway.

Updated 25 Nov 2020

Can I make money too?

I don't offer payment to my partners, but you sure can make it on your own! If we collaborate we can for example share full rights to the footage. If we really-really like each other, I can help you set up your own business.

Updated 6 Feb 2019

How can I help?

The easiest way you can help is by viewing my content and clicking every thumbs-up and heart-button you can find. In addition to being very inspirational for me personally, it generates more attention for the cause. Please refrain from negative voting, but constructive criticism is highly appreciated.

Updated 1 Feb 2018

Who's the photographer?

I shoot my ecoporn alone with only a solar powered smartphone and a broken tripod. I also do all my editing and coding on the smartphone. This simple setup has benefits far beyond the obvious ecological ones.

Updated 1 Feb 2018

Do you only shoot alone?

Not exclusively, but so far none of my partners have been willing to go public. Please get in touch if you'd like to collaborate!

Updated 16 Feb 2019

Where are you from?

I'm originally from Norway, but have been living in a 4x4 minivan all over Europe for 51) years now. I have a long history of traveling the world too, living and working abroad on many occasions since I was only 16 years old.

Updated 1 Feb 2018
1) updated 30 Nov 2020

How do you make a living?

Ecology is very cheap! I'm living off savings from an odd job now and then. If it wasn't for my lifestyle, I'd feel pretty poor indeed, but now instead I live like a king!

Updated 20 Feb 2019

What's your plan?

Ha ha! My plan is to continue to follow the sun, in nature, and perhaps run into some cool ecoporn partners.

Updated 6 Feb 2019

Are you always naked?

I'm ecosexual and try to go where it's warm, so I'm naked a lot, but not always. I do usually get dressed if it's cold or if I have to mingle.

Updated 1 Feb 2018

Are you romantically available?

A strong yes to that! I fall in love easily, deeply, and frequently. It's great! I have concurrent lovers most of the time, as I hope you have too.

Updated 6 Feb 2018

Can we be just friends or business partners?

Call it what you want, but I rarely agree to meet people half heartedly. You would have to be a very special person or ecological company for me to really care. Get in touch and we'll see!

Updated 6 Feb 2018
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