Ecosexual Forests

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#99 Greek Afternoon Snack

«A nice little walk and a yummy snack of cum in a Greek forest.»

Video recorded in Peleponnese, Greece. Published 21 Jan 2020.

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#90 Railway Self Creampie

«How about a yummie anal creampie in the railway cafeteria?»

Video recorded in Peleponnese, Greece. Published 15 Jan 2019.

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#89 Forest Self Creampie

«The birds are singing along on this winter flower path. I love the anal creampies.»

Video recorded in Peleponnese, Greece. Published 11 Jan 2019.

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#81 Anal Play in Greek Forest

«A very pornographic walk in a sensual Greek forest. I cum so nicely after playing with my ass.»

Video recorded in Epirus, Greece. Published 15 Dec 2018.

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#72 Hiking Forest Dildo Fuck

«Out hiking with my black friend I had to be quiet cause there were Catholics nearby.»

Video recorded in Liguria, Italy. Published 20 Nov 2018.

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#70 Busy Sunday Anal

«A busy Sunday with plenty of Catholics around, but I'm a faun so I don't get caught.»

Video recorded in Torino, Italy. Published 16 Nov 2018.

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#66 Spectacular Forest Anal

«A very nice climb and anal orgasm in yet another spectacular location.»

Video recorded in Torino, Italy. Published 7 Nov 2018.

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#63 Two Cumshots in 10 Min

«I usually cum 2-3 times a day, but I'm not not often lucky to get two in 10 min.»

Video recorded in Torino, Italy. Published 29 Oct 2018.

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#53 Quickie in Norway

«It was requested by Kim that I shoot a video without my dildo. What do you think? Ecosexual greetings from Norway, everybody!»

Video recorded in Østfold, Norway. Published 29 Jul 2018.

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#49 Busted in Sweden

«Busted for the second time. Then a self facial.»

Video recorded in Skåne, Sweden. Published 14 Jun 2018.

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#48 Czech Forest Ecoporn

«The forests in Czechia are dark and mysterious. Having an awesome anal orgasm here.»

Video recorded in Pardubice, Czechia. Published 22 May 2018.

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#44 Strap-On in Catalonia

«Spring is here and I'm heading with my strap-on to the mountains.»

Video recorded in Catalonia, Spain. Published 6 Apr 2018.

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#9 I Deserve Spanking

«I was a naughty boy and deserve a good spanking. First a shower and a rope around my cock. Then a fuck and a cumshot in wonderful French nature.»

Video recorded in Hautes-Alpes, France. Published 17 Sep 2017.

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